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The Marksman's Box is a new and unique multi-purpose tool for precision shooting. It is a completely revolutionary, versatile approach, to the rifle and pistol shooting sport, on the range or in the field.

The Marksman's Box is a Three-in-One system. No longer must a shooter separately carry a rest, an ammunition box and a stand for his/her spotting scope. Use The Marksman's Box to shoot with precision at targets or varmints with either a rifle or a pistol.

  • Rock-steady rifle support
  • Durable and flexible design
  • Compact and completely portable
  • Rest supports rifles or pistols
  • Easy set-up in the field or on the range
  • Works great on uneven terrain no leveling!
  • Stores several hundred rounds of ammunition
  • Spotting scope can be added with a simple mounting attachment
Design & Flexibility

Traditional rifle rests on the market cannot compare to the innovative design of The Marksman's Box.

Other rests hold the rifle in one position; a shooter cannot range his rifle from side-to-side unless the rest is physically lifted and rearranged. The Marksman's Box lets you swing the rifle as easily and as freely as you can look from side-to-side. The Marksman's Box does not grip or hold the rifle; the shooter is in complete control of the firearm, independent of the rest.

Set The Marksman's Box in a comfortable shooting position and it remains in place as a sturdy shooting platform. The "V" configuration of the belt induces the rifle or pistol after recoil to automatically center itself by gravity, allowing for fast follow-up shots.

It is not necessary to close The Marksman's Box to change your shooting position. All you have to do is pick it up by the web belt and move the box, ammunition and attached spotting scope are all a single unit. Weapon in one hand; The Marksman's Box in the other.

No Leveling Required

Most other rifle rests, including bi-pods, must be leveled. The Marksman's Box does not. Set it on the ground or bench. The rifle or pistol will automatically settle to the lowest spot on the web belt.

Ammunition Storage

The Marksman's Box has the capacity to hold several hundred rounds of rifle or pistol ammunition in its cavernous storage area. Once you have arrived at your favorite range or shooting area, you simply open it up and engage the edges of the lids in the notches of the box. Adjust the web belt to a comfortable height, and commence shooting. Your ammunition is in front of you, convenient and in easy reach for your use.


You may also attach a spotting scope, with a well-articulated window mount, to either the lids or the legs of The Marksman's Box.

Materials & Workmanship
  • Constructed of LexanTM and steel
  • Top quality parts and materials
  • Proudly hand-made in the USA

Lexan™ is a polycarbonate resin thermoplastic, which is used in the windows of air planes and the canopies of fighter planes, and is virtually indestructible. The box frame and lids of The Marksman's Box are made of ¼" Lexan®, while the legs and hinges are made of steel. The belt is 1-¼" webbing.


The Marksman's Box sells for $100.00, plus shipping and handling. Other traditional rests with less versatility cost $500.00 or more.


"The Marksman's Box improved my performance for both target shooting as well as hunting." Tim G.

"Don't just 'keep doing what you've been doing,' try The Marksman's Box." David F.

"Give yourself the competitive edge with The Marksman's Box." Heather P.

"Once a person uses it, they fall in love with it." Gene McCarron


Enjoy success with The Marksman's Box!


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